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#Metoo. Sexting pressure. The Hook-up culture. Teenage depression.


How did the culture become so toxic for women?


That’s the question Don Johnson sets out to answer in Unprotected. 


He found a surprising answer.



Christopher West


Jennifer Fulwiler


Janet Smith


Patrick Coffin


Damon Owens


Crystalina Evert


Jason Evert


Sue Ellen Browder


Carrie Gress


Leila Miller


Benjamin Wiker


Arleen Spenceley


Mark Regnerus


“Alice Owens”








Join us at the Celebrate HV 50 Conference in Ontario, CA for the world premiere screening of Unprotected!

Friday, July 27th, 2018, 7:30 PM

Featuring a Q and A panel after the film with Don Johnson, Christopher West, Janet Smith, and Patrick Coffin.

Admission included with any ticket to the Conference

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