Churches are using the DVD in a variety of ways, including:

• Giving them away to various groups within the parish, such as the RCIA and adult formation classes, or providing them to the entire parish.

• Providing them for sale. This is particularly effective if used in conjunction with a screening. Inevitably, people come out of the theater wanting to purchase DVDs to give away to their family and friends, or just to own so they can watch it again.

We highly recommend that those who decide to show this film in a theater also purchase a package of discounted DVDs in order to continue to evangelize and fundraise if you wish. If you purchase a Parish Screening Package, you can also continue to show the film in your own parish with a site license. See discounted Parish Screening Packages here.

This flyer is filled with great Ignatius Press products to further your study and understanding of the holiness of human life. We encourage you to provide a flyer to each movie patron, so please let us know how many flyers you would like for your movie attendees and we will ship them to you at no cost. If you run out, you can download and print extra copies or contact Diane Hanson to order more.

Note: The UNPLANNED DVD will not be available for sale until November 10. If ordered online, it will be backordered until that time.